HiLink Business Club – The first ever business club in Vietnam


After achieving certain successes with the Premium Workspace project, HiLink realized the needs of entrepreneurs and businesses were not just limited to premium office spaces but also encompassed various business solutions and services. Therefore, HiLink developed the Business Club project to cater to these needs.

Vision & Mission

HiLink Business Club is the first business club model in Vietnam that was formed in mid-2022 and officially established in March 2023. With a lofty vision and mission, HiLink Business Club provides a space of luxury and relaxation, accompanied by premium products and services such as Meeting Rooms and Business Lounges. Its primary purpose is to promote collaboration and resource sharing among entrepreneurs and businesses, aiming to create a strong community of high-achieving individuals with shared goals of networking, cooperation, and professional success.

Aesthetic spaces, premium products, convenient services, along with the benefits received by customers, make HiLink believe that the Business Club will revolutionize the workspace, providing a professional and upscale environment for entrepreneurs and businesses to connect and collaborate.

Below are the products and services offered by HiLink Business Club:

HiLink Business Club Membership

This prestigious Membership Card trio is offered to HiLink Vietnam’s customers and partners. Joining HiLink’s business club unlocks access to a dynamic community of entrepreneurs and businesses looking to expand their networks. The club focuses on providing members with a range of benefits and resources. Customers will have many opportunities to interact and meet with like-minded experts who share similar aspirations for connection, cooperation, and professional success.

Business Lounge

This is the main area for HiLink Business Club customers. It offers spacious, relaxing surroundings with elegant furnishings and a bar counter serving a variety of food and drinks. The lounge is the perfect space for entrepreneurs and businesses to relax comfortably while connecting, exchanging ideas, and promoting success effectively.

Meeting Rooms

These are ideal spaces for business discussions and meetings. Two premium meeting rooms, with seating for 8 and 10 people respectively, provide customers with a luxurious and spacious environment. Enhanced with premium furnishings and amenities such as a lounge area, a 65-inch TV, and more, these rooms are designed to allow HiLink Business Club customers to sit down and discuss comfortably and efficiently.


The Bar counter is where HiLink Business Club offers customers exquisite dishes from various international cuisines, along with beverages like Whiskey, Champagne, coffee, fresh juices, and more. Through partnerships with renowned restaurant chains, HiLink prioritizes quality and reputation, aiming to provide customers with the best possible experiences.

Virtual Office

With virtual office packages, you can confidently showcase your business’s presence on legal documents, websites, and email signatures. A premium business address allows you to enhance your company’s visibility and credibility. At HiLink Business Club, we provide more than just an address; we have collaborated with leading service providers to offer exclusive promotions and support for all your business needs.


In addition to the aforementioned products, HiLink Business Club also offers premium services such as Business Support Services and Concierge Services. With HiLink Vietnam’s strategic vision, we hope that the Business Club will be the place to connect businesses and entrepreneurs, creating a dynamic community that continually promotes success in business.

Website: www.hilink.vn
Hotline: (+84) 24 2202 9000